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The Barefooted Boy
By Harold Booth

I was born in a depression that's what the folk told me.
You see I was only a kid at the time.
How well I remember I know times was hard.
For as a boy I hardly ever had a dime.
I walked Three miles to a little country school.
And I learned a thing or two I didn't know.
The road was rough and rocky down by the creek.
That was the only way I could go.
The house where we lived had only two rooms.
With nothing fancy there to show.
But the worst thing of all was the little shack out back.
When you had to visit in the snow.
Well some sixty years have passed now and things have changed a lot.
People talk about the good old days
I think they are only kidding I know I was there.
And things didn't seem quite that way.
For I went barefooted all summer long.
I had stone bruises on my feet.
My feet was tough as leather from the heel to the toe.
From walking on the rocks and holly leaves.

Frost Upon The Pumpkin

By Harold Booth
There was front upon the pumpkin as it lay there on the groung,
A real thing of beauty to be seen.
Little Billy Joe the neighbor's boy like any other kid,
The little things he liked to do was mean.
Little Billie joe stopped by to play he saw the pumpkun there.
He took his knife and cut a hole so round.
The little boy being all alone,I knew what he'd do.
He climbed upon the pumpkin and pulled his britches down.
Next thursday was the Holliday we gave our thinks for living,
Invited the preacher to dine with us,
Our thinks we were a-giving .
While talking of his younger days ond of the years gone by.
He said "He'd like to have a piece of good old pumpkin pie".
So dad went to the garden and brought the pumpkin in.
Mom carved it up and made a pie for Deaton.
After he had ate his fill and licked the platter clean.
He jokeingly commented on the pie that he had eaten.
Next morning Billy Joe came by and told dad what he'd done.
It made daddy laugh with joy you know.
So dad got on the the telephone and called up Mr.Deaton.
He said "The comment you made about my pie.
I just found out it's so".

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