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Great page Harold, I especially like the picture of Lola in the Bikini..

Sandy Banks

Hi Harold,
I am from Wolfe Co. I went to school with Gary Booth. You must be the age of
my sister Anna Faye Bryant. Do you remember her? I am getting a homepage one of these days when I get time. Enjoyed yours.



Wanda Bryant Thompson

Looks like Leslie Has Been Here

Leslie Hollon

Harold, nice site. Thanks for linking to my page -- I'll return the link. Take care.

Pete Koutoulas

Very interesting page!

Rosalee Bradley

The 18th century writer/poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote:

"One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words."

All can be done with a visit to your page. Congradulations on this work in progress. Kenny

P.S. Loved the pictures!

Kenny Profitt

Great page, Harold. Liked it very much.

Rita Robinson

Great being here!!!!


Hey there Harold. Thanks for signing my guestbook. My page aint much right now, but.....
If you're in the Tompkinsville Ky area
catch me on the 146.775 no tone required. Just key your mike and HAM it up!! 73 KF4LDP, that's
Little Dingy Person. See ya!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Brown

Your Merry Christmas graphics are eye-catching!

Rosalee Bradley

Your pages look great. Thanks for helping me. You remind me of Kahlil Gibran a philosopher, artist, poet that had such a talent, much like you. He wrote many books, did paintings etc. In his book "The Prophet" his expressionism was much like yours. Keep up the creativity.
Your friend, Tommy Cox

Tommy Cox

I like your clock.


Great Page

Marvin Charles

jim wall

Found the page Harold

Jason Booth

Great page Harold, but I liked the picture of Lola in the bikini better than the one you have now....Ha Ha Ha.


Great web page Harold!!

Eddie Collier

hello old man cul ron

Ron Spencer

Checking your home page. Great job.

Herb Miller